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We want to be recognised as a forward thinking care home group, one that is at the heart of the local community, valued and respected by residents, their families and friends, healthcare professionals, staff and the community.

Partnerships and initiatives are at the core of our work in the home and information is readily available to residents and their families about how they can get involved. In addition to innovative partnerships with national charities, such as Alzheimer’s Society, Diabetes UK, Age UK and Equal Arts’ HenPower project, three key initiatives in the homes are the Outside In Club, the Out and About Club and Project Busy.

With designated trained champions for diabetes and hearing loss, we are now regularly screening in our homes and are referring individuals on for additional checks, tests and support as needed. We are seeing tangible positive results from this and our vision is to continue to build on our initiatives and partnerships to the benefit of all.

If you would like to find out about any of our screening and initiatives taking place in any of our homes, please call to speak to our of our specialist care advisors on 01423 859 859 or arrange a visit to one of our homes. 


HenPower is an inspirational hen-keeping project linking older people with hens to combat social isolation. Essentially we bring a brood of hens to live in the gardens of our care homes, and we have been working with the forward thinking older people’s charity Equal Arts for some time now.

From building hen houses to creating arts and crafts or baking around the topic of hens, weekly sessions take place in the home, delivered by a ‘hen specialist’ from Equal Arts. HenPower uses the focus of the hens to bring our residents together, through collecting the eggs, petting a hen and taking an active involvement in the daily upkeep of these mild and pleasant animals.

One Home Manager commented; “The hens give a focus to the residents, some of whom have taken their new roles as ‘hensioners’ very seriously. They feed the hens, clean them out and collect the eggs. We get around eight eggs each day! We also bring the hens in to sit on the knees of our residents - they have a wonderful calming effect and we’ve seen such a positive uplift in the home.”

The £1m Lottery funded HenPower uses hen-keeping to tackle social isolation, reduce depression and improve people’s wellbeing and is seeing positive results in homes and settings across the UK.

The Hen Men from meerkatfilms on Vimeo. To find out more about HenPower www.equalarts.org.uk/our-work/henpower/

Hearing Loss

We aim to do as much as possible to offer specialist care for residents with hearing issues. Around 6.4 million people in the UK over the age of 65 have some form of hearing loss. The World Health Organisation, (WHO) predicts that by 2030 adult onset hearing loss will be in the top ten disease burdens in the UK, above diabetes and cataracts.

Losing the ability to hear can be debilitating and distressing, particularly for older people who might already find themselves feeling isolated and vulnerable. Our homes have been set up to cater for those with hearing loss and we are working closely with the Royal national charity Action on Hearing Loss to give support and care, whilst keeping abreast of new technologies and treatments.

We offer:

  • New residents are offered a free hearing test using a health profession approved Siemens hearing kit. This can identify any hearing problems, which would then necessitate a GP referral.
  • A dedicated hearing loss champion, who has undergone specialist training and is keeping up to date with the latest developments.
  • A tailored care plan to each individual, factoring in annual tests and monitoring ongoing issues.
  • Specialist activities and one to one sessions can cater to communicating with the hard of hearing and ensuring inclusion.
  • Large television screens facilitated with subtitles allow residents to enjoy their favourite programmes more easily.
  • The option to buy personal listener equipment, which is worn around the neck and amplifies sound.


Supporting residents with diabetes

We tailor specialist care for residents with diabetes. A difficult condition to detect, diabetes affects around 1 in 7 older people and the older we get, the more likely people are to suffer from it. By 2025 it is estimated that more than 4 million people will have diabetes in the UK. This is why we take diabetes very seriously in our homes and we offer a free diabetes screening to all new residents.

We also train our care team so they are better informed about the condition and we have a dedicated diabetes champion in the home, who has undertaken specific training and can work with our residents and their families to tailor an individual care plan to support and monitor the condition.

We offer:

  • Diabetes screening shortly following arrival at the home. Residents with diabetes are supported to attend the local diabetic clinic to enable accurate monitoring and maintain wellbeing. There are six-monthly screenings or more as directed by the GP.
  • A dedicated diabetes champion within the home, who has undergone specialist training to be able to cater to the needs of those living with the condition.
  • Regular visits from a podiatrist – diabetes can lead to poor circulation and so a foot care service that can be available in the home is essential.
  • A healthy diet. We provide freshly cooked and nutritionally balanced food. Choices available regularly include grilled foods, low fat spreads, unsweetened juices and granary bread.
  • Grazing opportunities. We recognise the need for those with diabetes to eat little and often and we support this with the opportunity for them to graze on healthy snacks at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • Healthy activities. Our events and activity plan is varied and residents are encouraged to exercise and get out and about regularly. This helps to strengthen muscles and maintain mobility, improving the control of blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Home Clubs

We have a number of established and proactive clubs that regularly take place within our homes.

Out and About Club aims to get as many residents as possible and able out of the home, from short trips to the local shops to destinations and locations further away. Day trips to the seaside or a museum or other visitor attraction are always popular.

The Outside In Club focuses on the importance of inviting the community to engage with the home to forge stronger links. Many homes regularly meeting with their local groups, from schools to Rotary clubs, have given positive feedback on the many benefits this has. 

Project Busy is aimed at giving support to residents who enjoy and wish to participate in an element of what might be called ‘normal’ housekeeping activity. This is the type of activity they would have carried out in their own homes and could include involvement in assisting the preparation of meals, folding laundry or washing up after meal times.

Centre for Culinary Excellence

We launched a recognition scheme in late 2015 to give credit to the cooks and kitchens of Orchard Care Homes, and to push and standardise an excellent food and beverage offering across all our homes in the country.

Homes must achieve eight benchmarks of standards, which include FSA Food Rating - 5, CQC – Person centred dining experience and cooking fresh seasonal dishes from scratch. At least one Centre for Culinary Excellence will be established in each cluster area of Orchard Care Homes, with designated homes acting as a go-to centre to give support and training to other homes in its vicinity.

Nesfield Lodge in Leeds, Derwent Lodge in South Shields and Brook House in London all currently have the accreditation, and you can find out more about the homes on their home pages.

Andy Savage is our Food & Beverage Manager, himself a trained chef. “The importance of food and the kitchen team within care homes is undisputed. We are committed to providing the very best quality and service to our residents and our new initiative is a way of inspiring and motivating our kitchen teams to drive this.”

“Our cooks are very proud of what they do and we want to empower them to share their experience and learning with each other. This is a way of enabling that to happen.”

Men's Wellbeing

Supporting men in homes

Dedicated to helping older men live a healthier, active and fulfilling life

There are around 2.8 women for every man aged 65 and over living in care homes in the UK, which is why we feel it is important to ensure that our male residents do not feel isolated within their own homes.

Working with national charities and initiatives, such as AgeUK’s Older Men’s Network and Fit as a Fiddle, we have created an environment within our homes that focuses on the activity and interests of our men, from men-only social groups to physical activity sessions and interests.

We offer:

  • A dedicated men’s wellbeing champion within the home, who has undergone specialist training with AgeUK to identify male issues and appropriate activity.
  • A healthy diet of freshly cooked and nutritionally balanced food, designed to maximise energy levels and mental alertness.
  • Varied exercise and activity programmes tailored to their interests, including slipper soccer, gardening, wood working and shoe cleaning.
  • Group events tailored specifically to our men. This can include something as simple as watching the football together, taking part in a quiz at the local pub, setting up discussion groups to talk about everything and anything, from sheds and snooker, to sensitive issues in privacy.

Our Partnerships

We work closely with national charities and local organisations to provide extra skills and resources for residents and care staff.

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