Residential Dementia Care

Dementia describes a set of symptoms that are associated with a decline in memory or other thinking skills, severe enough to reduce a person's ability to perform everyday activities.

Our dementia care offers 24-hour support to those who are living with dementia and need assistance with everyday living, including support with personal care, daily living tasks and general care to ensure their happiness and wellbeing.

Dementia-friendly environments within our homes have been designed to specifically enhance the lives of those who need additional support to cope with the challenges that are associated with dementia.

The decoration around the homes encourage stimulation and use tactile memorabilia and colourful communal spaces, such as street and beach scenes.

Life story work

Starting from the pre-assessment all the way to a resident moving into the home, we place huge focus on life stories, with the help of friends and families along with the resident themselves we build a profile of their lifestyle, hobbies, previous jobs, likes, dislikes and preferences. Our staff will then use this information to create an electronic care plan which can be tailored by family members if they wish to be involved.

Life stories help us to get to know each resident and build a picture of their life before they came to us, this information is used to adapt activities and daily life to fit the needs of the resident. We encourage reminiscences and often work in groups to wander down memory lane, perhaps discussing local history.   


Mealtimes are a huge part of home life as they not only offer delicious, nutritious meals but also give residents the chance to socialise and bond. Our fantastic kitchen teams have created nutritiously sound menus based on feedback from residents and are always on hand to offer alternatives should residents change their mind.

We aim to create a restaurant experience for residents’ mealtimes, from menus on all tables, decorative tablecloths and pretty furnishings the dining room is always a lovely place to be. We regularly arrange food surveys for our residents and take on board all the responses so that we are providing just what our residents require. We have instigated finger food buffets for many of our residents with dementia.


Residents at Nesfield Lodge Dementia Care Home