Nursing Care

Our nursing care provides residents with support for their health and well being alongside assistance with personal care. This can be a great relief for families and residents who are finding it challenging to live independently due to their specific care needs. 

Each home has selected staff including highly qualified nurses on duty 24-hours a day who do their utmost in supporting residents. Our staff are medically trained and can assist residents with a variety of nursing needs, whilst continuing to promote independence wherever possible. A number of specialist facilities in our nursing homes include specialised baths, specialised beds, lifts and wheelchair access to ensure comfort and mobility within the home.

We also have Urinary Catheter Passports in all of our homes, these have been developed to ensure catheterised service users receive the optimum standard of care by improving communication between the individual, carers and hospital. The passport acts as a resource for our staff to enable them to provide exceptional individualised care plans and produce positive resident outcomes based on evidence and aims to encourage residents to take an active part in their care by encouraging information sharing, informed decision making and inclusion.

Residents at Archers Court Care Home in Sunderland