Sensory Stimulation from Virtual Technologies.

31 May 2022 News

Castleford Lodge Care Home in Castleford, West Yorkshire, took delivery of the state-of-the-art sensory interactive tablet, offering a variety of fun activities (for independent or group sessions) such as quizzes, colouring, virtual concerts and virtual musical instruments.

This large flatscreen mobile tablet can also be used to connect residents with their loved ones via virtual communication platforms, making it an incredibly valuable investment for everyone in the home. After being introduced to the gadget, residents quickly discovered the endless entertainment possibilities and swiftly began exploring the variety of games and apps available. Resident Sheila Farrar quickly became fond of the word search and a multitude of films, new and old, that she could watch and enjoy with friends. She said “‘I think it’s great! We’ve already used it for lots of quizzes, films and karaoke, which was a good laugh and lots of fun.”

Sensory stimulation has been shown to have a variety of benefits for the elderly and especially those living with dementia. It is an important part of care to ensure that activities are provided that can help involve the senses to improve a person’s quality of life. The useful equipment helps staff meet the social and psychological needs of residents by providing entertainment for every type of activity and has stretched beyond just games and apps for the residents at Castleford Lodge. Staff have also been lifting spirits by encouraging group activities such as armchair exercise classes and karaoke sessions using the device to display YouTube videos and tutorials which has seen new friendships made within the home.

Cristina Rachita, Home Manager, waxed lyrical about the endless entertainment opportunities the tablet can provide and said “Thank you Orchard Care Homes for such a valuable asset to the home and residents. We’ve already done so much with it to discover brand new activities and ideas to keep everyone entertained! We recently watched a crafting tutorial video and can’t wait to get started tackling it ourselves. With a fully adjustable touch screen and mobile capabilities, it allows residents to interact with the gadget in their individual rooms and group social areas as well. We can’t wait to use it again tomorrow.”