Paisley Lodge Celebrate Love

15 February 2021 News

This past week residents at Paisley Lodge have enjoyed some romance as Valentines’ Day arrived.

Staff at the home enjoyed making their two couples Agnes and Trevor and Shirley and Jack, a beautiful Valentine's Day meal, the meal was beautifully prepared by fabulous chef Jason. On the menu was Lamb shank on a bed of potatoes, with a side of tomato and mint jus, green beans and cauliflower cheese. The couples were delighted when presented with the meal and agreed that they couldn’t wait to tuck into the feast.

They spent the afternoon talking about their relationship and reminiscing on all the amazing times they had together. Before they knew it, it was time for dessert to be served. Jason presented the lovebirds with vanilla panna cotta, with strawberries much to the resident’s delight.

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