Paddock Stile Manor Visit Jarrow Hall

23 March 2020 News

Two weeks ago residents from Paddock Stile Manor Care Home took a trip to Jarrow Hall where they explored the history of Bede and Anglo Saxons and visited the onsite farm.

Being at the museum, residents learnt lots of new information and were amazed when hearing stories about the beginnings of the Anglo-Saxon period and the impact that Bede had on English history.

The museum is home to Europe’s largest collection of coloured glass from the 7th and 8th centuries and residents were left in awe of how incredible the pieces were, “It’s such a beautiful place,” resident Cathy remarked.

Once they had explored the Bede museum they moved onto the farm, from chickens to pigs they saw them all. Seeing the animals left residents in great spirits, they asked lots of questions about the animals and each had their favourite, resident Jack was most impressed with the pigs, “wow look at the size of them, how incredible are they,” he told the group.


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