Paddock Stile Manor Residents Explore South Tyneside

05 March 2020 News

The Activities Coordinators from Paddock Stile Manor Care Home took residents on an explorative tour of South Tyneside’s landmarks.

The tour saw residents heading to some of the local monuments, first up they headed to Hylton Castle where they learnt all about the history of the building, residents were amazed by the beauty of the castle and were in awe of its size.

Alongside the castle, they also visited Fullwell Windmill and Marsden Rock before heading to the bird conservatory at Souter Lighthouse. Margaret listened eagerly as they discovered facts about monuments they had walked by since they were children, “I’ve lived here my whole life and today I learnt so many things that I never knew before,” she said.

The tour was a great success with everyone learning something new and spending time out in the local community, Jack told the activities team, “I loved it, you get five stars from me.”


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