Nesfield Lodge Pay Tribute to Prince Phillip

19 April 2021 News

Staff and residents at Nesfield Lodge got together to create a memorial display for Prince Phillip.

Following the news of Prince Philip’s death, Nesfield Lodge have paid tributes to the Prince with a memorial display of pictures of him and the royal family as well as the emblems which represent him. We chatted about the royal prince and his duties as well as the history of him.

We created a memory box for anyone who would like to remember him and we have had plenty of discussions.

Many of the residents have seen Prince Phillip on their TV’s their whole life so thought it was only right for them to commemorate him a special way. They created a memorial display made up of pictures of the prince and his family alongside emblems which they felt represented him.

The activity bought up many memories for the residents, they spent time talking about what they remember of the Prince’s younger days, alongside this they created a memory box that is open for anyone to add to. Care Assistant Mel commented, “the activity was a good team-building exercise and brought enjoyment knowing that they made their own memorial for Prince Philip.”

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