Nesfield Lodge - Exercise with Oomph!

20 February 2020 News

Residents at Nesfield Lodge in Leeds have been getting involved in Oomph’s armchair exercises to keep fit and have fun!

Armchair exercises are proving to be a big hit at Leeds Care Home, Nesfield Lodge with more and more residents joining in every week. The residents enjoy listening to music whilst singing along and using pom-poms to complete different armchair exercise techniques. Resident Mary always says she loves all the activities that are available and looks forward to helping out when she can.

One of the residents is halfway to becoming a professional and is always eager to take charge and help the Activities Coordinator, Danelle Bird, with leading the classes. The sessions are great for all the residents as they not only provide them with stimulation but they also work wonders in motivating residents. Danielle said, “We really try to encourage classes as much as possible, they are useful for our residents.”



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