Howay the Lads...!

16 November 2022 News

Maggie, likes nothing more than a good old holla. Recently she has been seen shouting support and clapping enthusiastically to the football team at Farringdon Academy on Archers Road, which backs on to the care home. The primary school, who are so touched by her regular words of encouragement and football tips, have presented Maggie with thank you cards drawn by the children and a beautiful bouquet, to acknowledge their number one fan!

George, a carer at Archers Court, said: “It’s so important for the people at Archers Court to re-connect with the world around them and the local community, so we help them to do that by connecting them with their interests. Maggie loves to watch the football and I even joke she’s like Brian Clough, former England manager, with all her football wisdom and cheering! She’s out there cheering on from our garden which overlooks the school’s football pitch. It’s a real highlight and we have some fun and laughs together.”

Maggie said: “I love football and it’s great to get out and watch the school players running around and scoring goals. I was over the moon with the cards and flowers; I didn’t expect anything at all and I’m really happy about it.”

Watch the video of Maggie dispensing her football wisdom by clicking here....