Christmas Time at Paisley Lodge

25 December 2020 News

Residents at Paisley Lodge got into the Christmas spirit by having many Christmas sing along’s and enjoying music therapy.

The Alzheimer's concert was the first online event which was streamed via laptop to TV for all to enjoy. The residents really enjoyed singing along to all of the carols, Hark the Herald was one the favourites and everyone burst into song once it began. The staff had great big smiles on their faces as they watched the residents, “it was truly beautiful,  the feeling of Christmas filled the air on this cold December evening, it was very magical we even got goose bumps,” they said. 

The next day saw residents get involved in another concert by Opera North again via the internet, it was a very traditional concert featuring all the old carols. After the concert they discussed how it made everyone feel, residents said that it brought back memories of singing in the church and how they use to look forward to this time of year. Another resident reminisced about how they used to go Carol singing in their local area and it was great fun.

At the weekend the residents were entertained by an online pantomime, this was a first for many of the residents, but they got into the spirit and really enjoyed it. They sat back and relaxed as they watched Cinderella, residents were laughing all throughout.