Chatsworth Lodge Celebrate Sylvia Turning 90

03 March 2021 News

Sylvia from Chatsworth Lodge was spoilt with an abundance of treats as she celebrated her birthday.

From the minute Sylvia awoke the festivities began, she was sat back relaxing and reading her paper as she does every morning when she was presented with a collection of presents. Staff assisted Sylvia in opening her presents which included a large picture frame with a photo of all her family and a large bunch of beautiful yellow daffodils.

In the early afternoon Sylvia enjoyed a visit from her son in the booth, she told staff that this was the highlight of her day whilst crying tears of joy. Towards the end of the day Sylvia was surprised with a party, her and other ladies enjoyed a birthday buffet followed by a home-made cake made by the homes chef. Sylvia thanked all the staff and laughed that she had never needed her tissues as much as she had today!

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