Archers Court Show off Their Pancake Making Skills

28 February 2020 News

Residents from Sunderland care home Archers Court practised their pancake flipping techniques in honour of Pancake Day.

Staff whipped up some lovely pancakes and then handed it over to residents who were eagerly awaiting the chance to flip them. Laughter filled the room as residents tried their best to catch the pancakes in the pan, they looked the part as they wore chef’s hats that they had made earlier and loved posing away for pictures.

Once the pancakes were ready they took to using a variety of different fillings to complete the meal, it wasn’t long before scrumptious looking pancakes sat in front of them ready to be devoured. The day was a great reminder of how they used to spend their younger days, Mary reminisced about her husband eating 8 pancakes in one sitting and couldn’t stop smiling.


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