A fulfilling role that fits around my family...

24 November 2022 News

“I knew there were plenty of jobs out there, but I wanted to make sure I did something rewarding, that would also fit-in with my commitments of being a mum.”

When Amy Mould decided to go back to work, she was adamant she wanted a fulfilling role to fit-in with her family and provide her with the job satisfaction she was looking for. For many mums, juggling young children and work can be tricky, but when her youngest child turned three, Amy felt it was time to start looking.

Previous to having her two children, Amy worked in the kitchen of a local restaurant making desserts. And although she enjoyed this to some extent, it didn’t involve many people.

“Before the children came along I’d worked in catering, but I soon realised that I wanted to do something I felt passionate about,” said 24-year old Amy. “Being a real people’s person, working with the elderly was an obvious choice and when I got the chance to work for Orchard Care Homes, I was really pleased.”

After an appointment at her local job centre, Amy embarked on a scheme called Kickstart; a government incentive to help 16-24 year old’s find work. This gave Amy the perfect opportunity to move into care and to give her the experience she needed.

“In my first six months at Archers Court, I got to do a range of different things which was great, especially as I hadn’t worked in a care home before. I liked the fact that it was varied, but most of all I love working with the people.“

As with all jobs there are always challenges and being a Care Assistant is no exception. But with the right level of training and support, making a change and doing something new is always an option. Orchard Care Homes’ prides itself on supporting its teams throughout the Group, in the provision of quality training for every member of staff.

Now that she works part-time over two days a week, Amy can effectively contribute to her family’s income while getting the right work/life balance. “The days that I work suit me and my shifts are alternated, so I get to work during the week and on weekends. Being a working mum, some days can feel tiring, but my job is so rewarding it makes every hour I work worth it,” says Amy.

She also says: “The parts I love the most about being a Care Assistant are when I’m helping someone to feel good about themselves. That might be when I’m helping with a bath-time routine, having a nice chat, or playing a game of dominoes!”

Since joining Orchard Care Homes through the programme, Amy has become a permanent member of staff at Archers Court.