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Derbyshire Home Visits Yorkshire Wildlife Park

10th August 2017

Wallabies, meerkats and lemurs were just some of the animals that residents from Millfield Care Home, in Derbyshire, got to see on a recent trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

The group could already hear the roar of lions from inside upon arrival, and headed straight to the enclosure to watch the big cats playing with one another, before moving onto the wallabies, meerkats and lemurs. The wallabies and meerkats roam freely within the vicinity of their visitors, and the tamer wallabies were more than happy to be petted and stroked by the residents.

Further on, at the sight of the giraffes, one resident commented: “I have never seen one in real life before, I had no idea they actually looked like that.”

A demonstration by park keepers followed in the lemur enclosure where, using banana as an incentive, they encouraged the lemurs to present themselves close to the audience on a wooden stump. However, it was the painted dogs that were a particular highlight of the visit: the animals are endangered in the wild, and it was a rare treat to be able to see them at the park.

Other highlights of the visit included seeing polar bears as well as a large and very tame mara, which took a particular liking to resident Ethel’s wheelchair.

Despite the breezy weather, the group were fortunate not to get any rain and enjoyed a picnic of sandwiches, soup, fruit and yoghurt, all polished off with a hot cup of tea. 

This is the second trip that the home has taken to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, and after its success, there are more in the pipeline. Activity Coordinator Rachel Mellor said: “We all really enjoyed it, both staff and residents are keen to go again as it is so nice to have the opportunity to visit something so interesting outside of the home.”

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