Sutton Hall & Lodge Enjoys Some Peaceful Aromatherapy

15 June 2019 News

IMG_20190521_102315_resized 1_1.jpgRelaxation takes over Sutton Hall and Lodge Care Home with aromatherapy sessions in full swing, every Monday.

These sessions are held for the full day and the aim is to get every resident involved, the sessions will be particularly beneficial for patients who suffer with contractures.

To ensure that the essential oils can take full effect, the room is usually set up half an hour before the session begins. The lights are dimmed and the room is lit up with soft blue fairy lights, the residents are able to make use of manicure tools, massage oils and creams that have been provided for them.

After the session the residents were left feeling peaceful and refreshed, resident Sheila commented “I feel really sleepy now”, whilst another resident Peggy said “wow I feel so relaxed”.


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