Celebrating International Day of Families with Pat and Marjorie!

15 May 2024 News

The word ‘family’ holds a different meaning for everyone, but for Pat and Marjorie, it represents the valued connections they share with each other. Living together at Paddock Stile Manor Dementia Care Home, the auntie and niece duo told us how remaining close in later life has strengthened their bond.

Pat and Marjorie, residents at Paddock Stile Manor Dementia Care Home in Houghton Le Spring

Joining our Houghton-le-Spring care home in 2021, Marjorie (pictured left) was the first in the family to move to Paddock Stile Manor, and is often found helping the activities team with their latest art and crafts project.

Marjorie recalls how excited she was to see her auntie for the first time. “It was lovely to see Auntie Pat after being apart for a while. I like living with my auntie because I get to see her all the time.” 

Living with dementia, Marjorie’s care plan is not only tailored to her medical needs, but also to her hobbies, interests and beliefs. As family has always been an important part of Marjorie’s life, the team at Paddock Stile Manor knew how significant maintaining vital relationships with loved ones was to her.

When Majorie’s auntie, Pat, required full time care, her family took the opportunity to reunite the pair in our dementia care home. Having lived at Paddock for almost a year, Pat told us how she’s enjoying spending time with her niece again. “It’s great to see my niece more often. Although we don’t live on the same floor, we still get to see each other a lot and sit next to each other when there’s live entertainment on. We like to catch up and remember fond times from our past”

Pat and Marjorie, residents at Paddock Stile Manor Dementia Care Home in Houghton Le Spring

Adele, Activity Co-Ordinator at Paddock Stile Manor, told us how she helps them spend quality time together. “We recently organised a tea party for Pat’s birthday, with Pat’s closest family and Marjorie invited to join the celebrations. It was a beautiful day, and you could see how happy Pat and Marjorie were to be surrounded by the people they love.”

Living in the same care home enables Pat and Marjorie to continue a familial connection that brings a sense of normality to their lives. “Supporting the bond between Pat and Marjorie not only enhances their quality of life, but also serves as a protective factor against feelings of loneliness or isolation.” Said Julie Thompson, Home Manager at Paddock Stile Manor Dementia Care Home. “As a provider of dementia care, we pride ourselves on supporting those key relationships and helping people living with dementia to enjoy what they’ve always loved.”

Speaking to Marjorie’s sister, Julie, we heard how her loved ones being in the same care home gives her great peace of mind. “My sister and auntie living in the same home means I know their all-important relationship will keep growing. We’ve always been a tight-knit family, so Marjorie and Pat living together makes the world of difference.”

Having lived in the same care home for almost a year, we asked what their favourite part of living together is. “I enjoy talking to Marjorie and catching up on family news” said Pat. “We were always close, so I’m glad we can see each other more.”

Marjorie told us how she loves spending time with her auntie. “Auntie Pat is a lovely person; when I was little, she always made sure she spent time with me. Now we’re living together, we get to make even more memories as a family.”

Pat and Marjorie’s inspiring story underscores the importance of nurturing meaningful connections, and thanks to the team at Paddock Stile Manor, their bond can continue to strengthen. Thank you to Pat and Marjorie for allowing us to share their experience at Paddock Stile Manor Dementia Care home!

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