A Placement full of Praise for Millfield Nursing Home

14 December 2023 News

Ellie Dennison, a Nursing student at the University of Derby, recently completed her placement at Millfield Care Home in Bolsover, Chesterfield. She spoke to us about the brilliant time she had at the home.

Ellie, student nurse at Millfield Nursing Home in Bolsover

Ellie, originally began her nursing placement elsewhere, however, after 6 weeks she felt like it was time to move on. She chatted to us about her difficulties with her course and her previous placement. ‘I have gone from a placement where I didn't fit in and hardly anybody spoke to me for 6 weeks, to a placement where I was valued. Many times, over my first year at uni I considered withdrawing as I felt I couldn't do it and that there was no incentive, appreciation and gratitude to be a nurse. However, my placement within Orchard Care Homes has brought my passion back and enabled me to thrive.

From walking through the door an absolute nervous wreck, to walking out on my last shift, emotional yet thankful and confident. You have really jump started my passion again. I have learnt so much and been involved in so many things. I have been welcomed and felt like part of the team and I feel like I have been there years! I have been respected as a student nurse where staff have come to me for clinical discussions and that really made me feel like I wasn't 'just a student nurse'. I was seen by staff and residents as a nurse and not 'just a student nurse', but most importantly they saw me as competent’.

Ellie spoke to us about her previous work experience in the care sector. ‘I have worked in a nursing home before, as a carer, many years ago, and my experience there was not great, but Millfield is a wonderful environment to be in and deserves all the credit it gets! I built therapeutic relationships with not only staff and residents, but with their families. I’m really going to miss everyone, as I did my final walk round to say goodbye to the residents, I could feel my eyes watering a little from residents and their families showing support and such kind words. One of the residents actually hand wrote poem for me which her daughter gave to me, such kind, lovely words. 

I am so grateful for the support I have had over the last 6 weeks, and I wish the team and all the residents the best for the future, I hope I can come back and see you all one day, maybe for an insight day or another placement. Or even when qualified! But right now, I am going to thoroughly enjoy a nice tipple courtesy of all the Millfield staff, before I am back on campus for academic theory 9am Monday morning’.

We are beyond pleased Ellie had such a fantastic and educational time at Millfield. It's great to see how the staff at the home helped Ellie in getting her confidence and passion for nursing back!

Cheers to you Ellie! Wishing you the greatest success with your studies <3 Team OCH

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