The Christmas Spirit is Alive and Kicking at Eckington Court Care Home

16 December 2020 News

Eckington Court in Derbyshire has really shown the true spit of Christmas in coming to the aid of a mother staying in a local refuge.

Staff at Eckington Court rallied together when they heard that a woman suffering from domestic violence and living at the refuge was worried that her daughter wasn’t going to get any presents at Christmas. They gathered gifts for both mother and child and Home Manager Trudy Godley delivered them in plenty of time to put the mother’s mind at rest and to make sure they both enjoyed the festive season.

Trudy said “We have had a message back saying the mum was overwhelmed, her only thoughts had been that her little girl would wake up Christmas morning with an empty Christmas sack and for her to now wake up and know there is a meal and a bagful of presents is overwhelming.”

The home has also been on the receiving end of Christmas cheer. The first surprise was from Manor Park nursery, who arrived with homemade presents and lovely cards for the residents. Eckington Community then turned up with a fantastic gift for every resident.  Trudy continued “We are very proud to be part of this community and the week was then topped off when our gardener donated £40 to buy chocolates and goodies for the residents.”