Residents from Lofthouse Grange & Lodge celebrate Nutrition & Hydration Week with Pride-themed activities

18 June 2021 News

Residents and staff at Lofthouse Grange & Lodge Care Home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire took to the sunny garden this week to show their support for Pride month, combined with their Nutrition & Hydration week celebrations.

Throughout the week, the entire care team pulled out all the stops to create innovative rainbow-coloured treats that focused on keeping the residents smiling, refreshed, and fully hydrated during the hotter, summer conditions such as brightly coloured jellies and ice lollies.

Orchards’ other residencies have also dedicated this week’s activities to Nutrition & Hydration week, ensuring the homes are fully stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables. Hydration stations are situated in high visibility areas, offering fruity mocktails to keep residents feeling revitalised and revived.

As well as achieving high standards of nutritional and tasty meals, Orchard has also designed an informative infographic that displays top tips for supporting older people with their nutrition and hydration needs, such as adding extra butter to mash potato and vegetables and using fortified milk in hot drinks, cereals, porridge, or milkshakes to pack in extra vitamins and minerals.

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