Our top five dementia-friendly Christmas gifts!

21 November 2023 News

Christmas is fast approaching, and when it comes to finding the perfect gift for someone living with dementia, there are plenty of options both online and on the high-street. But how do you find the right gift for your loved one? We’ve put together our favourite dementia-friendly Christmas gifts to help you decide!

Painting set

Art therapy is a great way to engage and stimulate a person living with dementia, as it encourages creativity and can even have cognitive benefits. As some people with dementia may find verbal communication difficult, art is a also great way for them to express their feelings in an alternative manner. Our residents often get a sense of accomplishment when completing their artwork, and we love seeing how happy they are when their work is on display for everyone to enjoy!

Tip: Avoid intricate paint-by-numbers that require small paintbrushes, as someone with mobility issues may find it difficult to hold the brush. Instead, opt for simpler designs or a blank canvas that allows your loved one to paint freely.


Resident at Lofthouse Grange and Lodge Care Home in Wakefield

Nostalgic gifts

Photo albums, CD’s or even a tub of their favourite childhood chocolates could be a perfect option for Christmas. Reminding your loved one of a particular taste, smell or sound could boost their morale and help them remember fond times from their past. Whether it’s Shirley Bassey’s greatest hits or a selection box of their favourite sweet treats, they’ll love the familiar feelings of joy as they open their Christmas gift! 

Jigsaw puzzles

If your loved one enjoys solving puzzles and keeping their hands busy, why not gift them a jigsaw puzzle this Christmas? Although a 2,000-piece puzzle may not be suitable, there are plenty of 16-100 piece puzzles that have larger pieces, making it more accessible for someone with mobility or memory issues. You could even get a personalised one with a family photo on it, so they have a lovely picture of their favourite people when they’ve completed the puzzle!

Jigsaw puzzle for senior people

Large clock

A clock may seem like an unusual present, but hear us out: a large clock that tells the time and day is a great way to help a person living with dementia gain better awareness of the present. As a symptom of dementia is memory loss, it’s typical for a person to feel distressed and agitated because they may lose their sense of time - but this gift will help them feel more at ease.

There are plenty of options available online, but we love these ones available from Alzheimer’s Society – plus, you’ll be supporting a charity doing incredible things for those living with dementia.


Let’s face it: retirement is all about the comfy living! Stretchy loungewear, zip hoodies and socks with grip are great gifts for someone living with dementia. Avoid buttoned clothing, such as a shirt, and opt for something easier for them to put on themselves so they can keep their sense of independence. Velcro slippers with a strong grip are always a good option, as they’ll provide better support when walking, and will be used every day!


Whether you’re looking for a sentimental present or want something more functional, there are many great dementia-friendly Christmas gifts available! Do you have any recommendations for the perfect gift? Let us know!

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