Orchard Virtual Culinary Cruise

08 July 2022 News

Orchard Care Homes is giving residents an opportunity to embark on a culinary tour of the Mediterranean in the comfort of their own homes.

‘Setting sail’ in July, residents across Orchard Care Homes in the North of England and the Midlands will be boarding a virtual Mediterranean culinary cruise, sampling the local cuisine from six destinations, including France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Morocco.

The six themed days will take place over a six week period and homes will be organising activities and entertainment around the appropriate country theme. Tasting sessions and activities throughout the day will complement main meals and staff and residents are encouraged to dress up in the style of the countries. 

Homes will also be able to enter a competition, judged by the residents, to recognise the greatest Mediterranean cruise at Orchard by taking photos and videos of their events, with the winning homes sailing away with a fabulous prize. 1st prize £5,000, 2nd prize £2,000 and 3rd prize £1,000 will go towards resident funds for future activities.

Jason Hunter, Catering Lead at Orchard, came up with the unique concept after talking to residents about their past holiday experiences, with many reminiscing about the wonderful food they enjoyed on their travels.

“Meal times are always a highlight of social activity and our residents will be able to savour local cuisine in the safety of their own environment. Nutrition is key to a healthy body and mind and at Orchard, we aim to cater for every dietary requirement. Alternative menus will be available for residents with special needs so everyone can join in the activities and feel very much part of our family.”