Music and Movement at Archers Park

10 September 2019 News

music and movement.jpgResidents of Sunderland care home Archers Park recently got together to play some fun games.

The group enjoyed some lovely music and had a sing along which evoked positive memories for them, this led them to reminisce about their younger days!

The group then followed this up with some parachute games, they placed the parachute in the middle of the room and all held one corner of it whilst a balloon was placed in the middle. The group all moved the parachute so that the balloon travelled around it, the residents loved watching this and Joan told us “we never stopped laughing!”

The parachute and balloon activity was very useful for the residents as it helped with physical stimulation, the combination of this and both music and talking also encouraged mental stimulation for those involved. There were smiles all around at the end of the session as Margaret said “I really enjoyed myself!”



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