Museum Trip For Eckington Court Care Home

10 March 2020 News

Residents and staff from Sheffield care home, Eckington Court recently took a trip to the Weston Park Museum and Kelham Island Museum.

Feeding their hunger for knowledge, the group explored the variety of exhibits that the museum had to offer, the first was ‘Love and Lost’. This exhibition explored the stories of people that had lost loves, the stories were fascinating and evoked a lot of emotion in both the residents and staff. One resident took time to write her own story to post on the exhibition wall as a testament to a friendship she had with someone that she lost.

After a quick stop for lunch, the group moved onto the next destination, Kelham Island Museum which had exhibits on industrialisation that left everyone fascinated.

Whilst on the trip, the group were joined by a resident’s family member who also volunteers at the home, June. They spent time discussing a fantastic family tale of June’s Great, Great Grandad and how he was one of three brothers that had fought in World War II, unfortunately, the youngest brother was shot in the war, one returned but passed away and the Great, Great Grandad was working at home managing the pits. Through a strange coincidence, years later South Yorkshire Police were searching in the River Don by Rotherham and came across the War medal of June’s Great, Great uncle, which was kindly donated to a museum. Even stranger circumstance followed, as when everyone moved on and visited Kelham Island Museum to visit an exhibition on lost soldiers during the war, who would they see in the first picture?  June’s Great, Great Uncle and another resident, Florence’s Great Uncle!


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