Lofthouse Grange & Lodge Supports LGBT+ History Month

23 February 2021 News

As part of LGBT+ History Month, the team at Lofthouse Grange & Lodge Care Home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, ran a residents meeting talking about Orchard’s commitment to providing an environment that nurtures members of the LGBT+ community. 

Sarah Golden-Hill explains how Orchard has supported her. A unit manager at Lofthouse Grange & Lodge for almost nine years, Sarah said, “I have always felt like part of the Orchard family since the day I started but I have another family, the LGBT+ community. I am proud of the fact that while I have been working for Orchard and Lofthouse Grange & Lodge I have never had to hide my sexuality and the person that I am.  This has not always been the case.

“Lofthouse is like my second home and when I made the decision to marry my now wife, the staff and management team got behind me and supported me with arranging the biggest day of mine and my wife’s lives. It was even suggested that we should take our vows in the care home so that the residents could be involved. 

“There is and has always been a sense of understanding within the company around the LGBT+ community and I know that here at Lofthouse we celebrate this with the residents on pride day and there is no judgement.  Knowing that the support is there increases the enjoyment of being at work and being around people that see me for me and not just the stigma of being gay. I know and understand that as times change the care setting is also changing as staff and residents that will be coming into our service will have different sexualities and needs, and I personally feel that I can proudly say Orchard is changing with the times.”

Marsha Tuffin, Home Manager at Lofthouse Grange & Lodge, said “It’s so important that we create an environment in our care homes that is supportive and understanding towards members of the LGBT+ community. I ran the LGBT+ session with Sarah and the comments from the residents were so lovely and touching.”

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