Joseph’s cleared for take-off!

04 June 2024 News

Joseph Lloyd, resident at Castleford Lodge Nursing Home, has been lucky enough to enjoy some incredible moments in his lifetime; including moving to France with his wife, Marjory, and constructing his own plane to enjoy retired living at its fullest. We spoke to Joseph about his lifelong hobby, and why he dedicated a whole year to building his own aircraft.

Joseph, resident at Castleford Lodge Nursing Home

Originally from Lancashire, Joseph discovered a passion for engineering in his early years at grammar school. “I just loved anything to do with engineering”, said Joseph, who joined our Castleford nursing home in 2023. “After school, my cousin and I would go to our local airfield and watch the planes go by. They seemed so gigantic and powerful, I was mesmerised by them.”

Joseph’s fascination for aviation led him to learning to fly at just 18 years old. “My cousin joined the RAF, and although I wanted to sign up, my father opposed the idea of his son potentially going to war and didn’t allow me to go. Instead, I went to college and continued my studies whilst saving up to take flying lessons.

When I turned 18, I went to Florida and took 4 weeks’ worth of lessons to get my licence -  which, believe it or not, was all you needed to be able to fly small planes in the 1960’s. From then, I tried to get out and fly as much as possible!”

Joseph, resident at Castleford Lodge Nursing Home, with his self-built plane

Marjory and Joseph lived in France and enjoyed the delights of countryside living, including trips on their boat and going for walks. When Joseph retired, he decided to fulfil a lifelong dream of his, and spent a whole year constructing his 4-seater aircraft.

“I bought a kit and slowly built the plane over the course of a year. It was a glossy white colour, and we used it to travel around France. Back then, French aviation laws were much more relaxed, and the only checks they did was to make sure the plane could take off and land. We flew the plane all over France, and got to see some incredible sights.”

Now living at Castleford Lodge Nursing Home, Becky, Deputy Manager, told us how Joseph’s lifelong passion for aviation plays a huge part in his person-centred care plan. “Supporting Joseph’s interest in engineering not only helped him settle in his newer surroundings, but also allows him to feel more connected with his past life.

Living with dementia, we believe it’s important for Joseph to retain the hobbies and passions he’s loved over the years. He enjoys reading aviation magazines, books, and we’re lucky enough to get to hear incredible stories about his plane. Reminiscing about his aircraft always puts a huge smile on his face - and ours, too!”

Joseph’s accomplishment is the perfect example of how passion, dedication and patience is the key to fulfilling lifelong goals. Thank you to Joseph and Marjory for allowing us to share your inspiring story.

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