Honouring 30 Years of Service: Meet Jayne, Senior Carer at Green Park Care Home!

03 June 2024 News

Jayne Winstanley has been a key part of Green Park for over 30 years, offering compassionate and dedicated care to our residents. Her journey with us shows her true commitment and passion for caring for others.

She spoke to us about her experiences, challenges, and the wisdom she’s gained over these three decades and this is what she had to say…

Before joining Green Park, Jayne worked as a Nurse at Broadgreen Hospital in Liverpool. Transitioning from working in hospital nursing to a care home was a clear next step in her career, she aimed to make a real difference in people's lives. "I have always been driven by the need to help others," Jayne says. Her time at Broadgreen laid the foundation for the empathetic and personalised care she now provides at Green Park.

Jayne’s said her favourite part of being a Senior Carer is simple: ‘Knowing I have made somebody's day better.’

Despite her love for the job, Jayne finds time to be challenging. "There are never enough hours in the day," she admits. Balancing residents' needs while ensuring each person receives individual attention requires excellent time management. Jayne tackles this with resilience and a positive attitude, always aiming to create a homely and happy environment and working closely with her colleagues. "We love working together to meet everyone's needs, ensuring a warm and supportive atmosphere, we have genuine fun doing it and it gives us immense satisfaction" she explains.

We asked Jayne if she had any tips for new starters and she said the key is to be empathetic. ‘Put yourself in the position of the resident. Get to know the person as an individual.’ This approach enhances the quality of care and builds meaningful relationships.

Jayne's dedication to lifelong learning has been key to her professional growth. "I have always been keen to complete any new courses and training to improve my knowledge and adapt to changes in the profession," she says. She recently completed a Level 4 module at Edge Hill University, further enhancing her skills. ‘Management have always been very supportive and encouraged us to further improve our clinical knowledge so this was a no brainer’.

Jayne wishes more people knew how diverse and rewarding her job is. ‘It's not just about providing physical care; it's about enriching lives and creating a supportive extended family unit for our people .’

Reflecting on the last 30 years of her career, Jayne is still enjoying how varied the role is. ‘Every day is different, and I continue to learn and grow,’ she notes.

Here’s to you Jayne! Thank you for a wonderful 3 decades- we appreciate you!

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