Green Park Keep Busy

05 May 2020 News

Residents at Green Park Care Home in Warrington have been spending their time baking and crafting.

With lots of spare time on their hands, residents and staff have been brainstorming fun and exciting activities to keep busy. First up, they took to the garden and started painting; they started with painting drawings and then moved on to tubs, decorating them to their liking, with bright colours. They are now planning to plant in them.

They hung around outside for the afternoon, soaking in the sun and chatting away with one another about what a great day it had been so far. Next up the ladies on Cavendish unit decided to beat the blues with a spot of baking. Ivy took charge in the kitchen as she told her friends about how much she used to love baking for her husband.

It was not long before they had created a batch of lovely cookies, ready for them to tuck in to with a nice cup of tea.


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