Fun at Eaton Court

16 June 2020 News

Residents at Grimsby care home, Eaton Court have been keeping themselves entertained with activities such as gardening and gaming.

With the sun shining down on them, they headed out to the garden to plant some sunflower seeds that have recently been donated to the home. To add some extra excitement into the activity they decided to turn it in to a competition to see who can grow the tallest flower.

Everyone took a pot of their own and planted the seeds before writing their name down so they could keep track of the growth, the aim is to have their sunflowers grow taller than Home Manager, Anne, who is 6ft tall!

Following this, everyone was in the competitive spirit so they decided to play a game of floor dominoes, there was laughter all around as the residents took on the challenge. They played several games with Jean being crowned the overall champion, “I’m so happy that I won,” she exclaimed!


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