Doll Therapy at Lofthouse Grange & Lodge

01 December 2020 News

The ladies at Lofthouse Grange & Lodge have enjoyed spending some time bonding with their dolls.

Residents got stuck into the activity as they started off by putting a nappy on the dolls and then got them dressed in some lovely outfits. There were smiles all around as the ladies sang nursery rhymes and swaddled their dolls.

The session led to everyone reminiscing about their own children, they shared stories about the funny things their children used to do and what their favourite parts of their childhood were. Anne told the group about how much she loves being a mother and how special it was for her being at home raising her boys.

The home has it’s very own beautiful vintage pram and after the success of the baby morning, staff have decided they will be hosting further sessions were residents can use the pram and dolls.