Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

24 December 2021 News

Update April 2022

New Covid -19 guidelines for care homes came into force on Monday 4th April 2022 - this is how it will affect visits to loved ones.

Covid -19 testing will cease for residents and the vast majority of visitors. Visitors will no longer have to book visits, bring a Covid passport nor complete a Lateral Flow test prior to visiting, unless they are providing personal care to a loved one. Residents will now only be tested if they are symptomatic, although we will continue to monitor their temperature and oxygen levels daily. Staff will continue to be tested albeit at reduced levels.

We ask that you do not visit a home if you have any symptoms of Flu, Covid-19 or diarrhoea and vomiting or have had any of these symptoms in the 72 hours prior to visiting. Staff will continue to wear PPE including face masks, and we will ask all visitors to do the same. Our homes will continue to provide PPE and ask you to carry out hand hygiene upon entering.

Regrettably positive Covid cases will likely mean that the home will have to close to most visitors for at least 10 days, so it is important that we continue to minimise any risks of infection transmission.

Returning to a near normal situation is obviously fantastic news for everyone but we will continue to remain vigilant and alert to risks, whilst following the advice from our local health protection teams. Sadly, some of our homes are still closed to general visiting in line with local authority advice and where this is so, each home will reach out to update you on changes as and when they occur. For homes that are closed there is no change to end of life visits, with no visitor testing required, and with residents able to continue to receive one visitor inside the home.