Cherry Trees Prepare For Remembrance Day

09 November 2020 News

Cherry Trees residents and staff have begun preparing for Remembrance Day by creating poppies and looking at war memorabilia.

They all got together in the lounge with cups of tea and started telling stories of what they remembered to one another, Danny told the group, “I remember my dad getting back from the war, I’d not seen him all that time, I was only a lad.”

Staff got out stationery for the residents to make their very own poppies, they all got to work and channelled their creativity. As they made their poppies they looked at old newspapers and admired how much things had changed. June reminisced on the times after the war “everything was rationed, we used ration books to buy things we needed, you couldn’t buy whatever you felt like you had to be careful, it was tough times but we got through it”.

Ethel who is a 100 years old also talked about seeing the planes fly over. “I was stood in my garden and you could see the planes fly over carrying the bombs to drop probably over Sheffield. We all knew when the siren went off to get ready for the shelters”.