Card Making At Lofthouse Grange & Lodge

20 November 2020 News

Activity Coordinator Aimee’s at Lofthouse Grange & Lodge was delighted when Lilly wanted to have a go at making a card and what a fun session it was.

Due to Lilly having poor eyesight she usually shy’s away from such activities, she enjoys coming to the sessions but prefers not to take part however on this occasion she said “I will have a go” which was music to Aimee’s ears.

She got to work and with the help of Aimee it wasn’t long before the pair had created a beautiful handmade birthday card, Lilly was very proud of herself and has vowed to always get involved now.

Following Lily’s success everyone was in great spirits and decided a sing-along was in order, they played their favourite CD and sang along to every song that came on. Before they knew it, the pom-poms and ribbon wands were out and the party got started. Residents waved the props as they sang their hearts out with the staff joining in.