An Inspirational Care Giver

17 December 2021 News

Inspiration is word often overused but in the case of Paul Martin, activities-co-ordinator at Ashlea Mews in South Shields that couldn’t be further from the truth. Paul is partially sighted, not that he would ever tell you that, he is the last person to dwell on the limitations of his disability. Paul has been a dedicated and enthusiastic member of staff for Orchard Care Homes in the north-east for longer than anyone can remember. When Orchard purchased Archers Park in Sunderland, some 6 years ago, Paul was already working at the home. And how lucky we were to inherit such a valued member of staff, doing what he loves day in day out, bringing joy to the residents of whatever care home he graces. 12 years on and Paul now works at our South Shields care home, Ashlea Mews. Vicki Yeoman, manager at Ashlea Mews explained “that Paul will do anything for anybody, nothing is ever too much trouble. He is an inspiration to us all and our residents love him for it.”

More recently the home has supported him in taking his story out into the community. Epinay, a school in Jarrow for students with special educational needs, has welcomed Paul as someone with a valuable story to tell That of putting aside his disability and forging a meaningful career, one that our residents would say has made a big difference in their lives. Paul has loved talking to the children of Epinay and has welcomed the opportunity to share a positive message of a life well lived and hopes to establish, when Covid allows, an intergenerational exchange between his care home and the school with both parties benefiting tremendously from the experience.

Lastly, Paul got his break with the Shaw Trust all those years ago, who brokered the job opportunity for him, and for that he will always be grateful. “I owe them a debt of gratitude” says Paul. In the meantime Paul will just continue doing what he loves, bringing a smile to the faces of the residents of Ashlea Mews. Thank you Paul, from us all at Orchard Care Homes. Epinay School Shaw Trust