Reconnect - For People Living with Complex Dementia Care

Reconnect is an exciting and innovative person-centred approach to caring for people with advanced dementia, based on our belief that it is possible for anyone to maintain a good quality of life. The purpose of the Reconnect service is to provide specialist nursing care for people living with complex dementia who are experiencing persistently heightened levels of psychological distress responses that they express through their behaviour.

Our team of highly trained dementia specialists take the time to get to know each person, from your favourite food and musical tastes to what you enjoy or enjoyed doing before your diagnosis of dementia.

Meaningful engagement is an integral part of the Reconnect model. We believe that residents in our care can and want to do things for themselves, and our team is available to make that possible. The Reconnect model creates motivating opportunities for reminiscence and meaningful communication between the resident, staff members and family. Through focused, individualised support, the aim will always be towards reconnecting the person, as far as is possible, to the world around them, to their identity and life.

Residents living in the Reconnect service will not have previously responded to support in alternative settings or found previous care ineffective in relieving their distress and reducing risks they pose to themselves or others. They will require high levels of intensive, individualised support. Staff are trained through Orchard’s bespoke, comprehensive training programme to evaluate the complexed causes of distress and develop support plans to reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of the distress through non-pharmacological approaches.


Orchard is leading change in Dementia Care through their training programme, pain management initiative, drive to reduce reliance on psychotropic medication and continual evaluation of all factors that contribute to people living well with dementia in care homes.

The Reconnect Homes

The Reconnect units are thoughtfully designed with era-appropriate fittings and décor to support identity and comfort.

A fulfilling therapeutic environment allows residents to engage in everyday activities with our support, this involves making meals, going shopping and undertaking cleaning activities where possible. In addition to this, the team of highly trained staff encourage and enable trips out to local amenities and places of interest.

The Reconnect Team. 

Each member of the team is trained in the Reconnect model, embedding the skills and knowledge required to relate meaningfully to people with dementia and the ability to empower them so they can maintain their skills and identity. Every team is trained to foster empathy, always use supportive and positive language, create meaningful engagement opportunities for every resident and learn the best approaches to reduce incidents of agitation and anxiety.

As a result of our care, residents become more independent, rather than more reliant.

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Reconnect is now available at Green Park Care Home in Warrington, Archers Court in Sunderland, Paisley Lodge in Leeds and Ashlea Lodge Care Home in Sunderland.

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