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Laughing Yoga!

24 November 2018 News

Yoga can have many benefits such as calming and soothing and we all know that laughter is the best medicine...

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Cake Day

23 November 2018 News

Up and down the country everyone’s favourite colour has been pink! As people have been raising money for Ca...

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Bonfire Night

22 November 2018 News

Remember, remember the 5th of November? Up and down the country, people have been celebrating bonfire night...

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Pamper Days

21 November 2018 News

Everybody deserves a bit of TLC every once in a while and what better way to do that, than a bit of pamperi...

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Christmas Is Coming

20 November 2018 News

With only five more Tuesdays until the big day, even more Christmas preparations were underway at The Heath...

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100th Birthday Party

15 November 2018 News

Florence Price, a resident at The Heathers Nursing Home, recently celebrated her 100th birthday! Family and...

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Remembrance Fence

12 November 2018 News

Castleford Lodge have been working on a Remembrance Fence. Which features a fence filled with various image...

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Doll Therapy

09 November 2018 News

Doll Therapy is becoming increasingly popular amongst care homes and one resident at Cherry Trees Care Home...

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Red Bag Scheme

07 November 2018 News

One of our homes in Sunderland was recently awarded for being the first home in Sunderland to use the all n...

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Halloween Party

05 November 2018 News

Who you gonna call? Archers Court! Ok, maybe that’s not quite as catchy but that didn’t stop the wonderful ...

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The History Van

31 October 2018 News

When the History Van pulled up at Loxley Court in Sheffield last week, residents were taken on a journey ba...

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