Wishing Tree at Eckington Court

27 March 2020 News

Residents from Eckington Court Care Home in Derbyshire have been hard at work completing their wishing tree project.

The project began in February when residents found a branch that had fallen in the garden, they decided they wanted to take the broken branch and turn it into something more and there before the wishing tree project.

They have been busy taking materials from all around the home and hanging them on the treat, the decorating process has everyone involved from residents to family members to volunteers it is a fantastic group project. Residents have had free reign to channel their creativity and transform the tree into whatever they like, residents remarked “it was wonderful being able to decorate the tree as we wanted, and all the textures are brilliant. We have never seen a tree like it!”.

Once the tree was completed, the wishes came flooding in, some residents have been writing notes in honour of their loved ones whilst others have been noting down places they want the visit.



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