VE Day At Green Park

12 May 2020 News

Residents and staff at Green Park went all out for their VE Day celebrations as they transformed their home.

They began their preparations by decorating the hallways with bunting and union jack flags and then took to painting with union jack flags on the windows for all to see.

Once the day was upon them all the residents and staff took part in a two minute silence to remember and thank those who fought. It wasn’t long before the real celebrations started as they got ready for their very own VE party.

On the menu were scrumptious cakes and biscuits, available for everyone to enjoy and then came the themed meal, a good old English breakfast, Traditional sandwiches and egg custards. Residents had great big smiles on their faces as they tucked into their meals and they talked about how they couldn’t wait to watch the Queens speech in the evening.

To finish off their celebrations they were surprised with a visit from entertainer Sandra, everyone took to the garden and watched Sandra from afar as she sang for them, staff said, “she really brightened up everyone’s day and the residents said she was amazing and brought a smile to their faces. “



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