Lofthouse Grange & Lodge Reunite Resident with Loved Ones

11 March 2021 News

Resident Willy from Lofthouse Grange & Lodge travelled back to Ireland to be reunited with his family with the help of staff.

Previously living alone in Leeds, Willy entered the home in need of support and care throughout Covid-19, he told staff that 20 years ago he had moved from Northern Ireland to Leeds looking for the big city life and has been without his family ever since. It was apparent to the staff that Willy was hugely home sick and missed his family a tremendous amount, so they set out to rectify this.

Contact was made with his sister who remained in the family home in Ireland and she was over the moon to know that he was safe and being cared for, but wished that one day he would be back home.  After speaking with Willy the team pulled together and worked closely with the housing options of Leeds to reunite Willy and his family.

The team contacted the bank to ensure Willy had available funds in case of emergency and they ensured that he would be able to get funding for his travel back to Ireland. Alongside this they provided Willy with a case full of clothing and essentials which he was touched by.

Staff were delighted when Willy boarded the train at Leeds station and started his journey home, he was given passenger assistance to ensure he reached the ferry safely and when he stepped onto Irish soil his sister and family were there to greet him.

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