Lansbury Court Care Home Host a Halloween Party in Their Home

06 November 2019 News

Lansbury Court got dressed up and welcomed an entertainer into their home as they celebrated Halloween.

Residents and staff from the home welcomed entertainer Ian into their home as they got ready to party the day away. Staff members dressed up in some spooky costumes, these varied from pumpkins to witches, residents loved seeing all the different costumes and decided to get involved in dressing up themselves.

Ian took on some requests by the residents and sang their favourites songs which put a smile on everyone’s faces. Along with the entertainment the home hosted a Halloween quiz, everyone got involved and learnt a lot of new things about Halloween.

In true Halloween spirit, the residents went trick or treating, they went around all the units in the homes and gave out sweets to other residents and to staff. This gave them a real feel for the day and bought back many memories from the days that they did this with their kids.


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