Joyce From Ashlea Lodge Makes Some New Friends

27 February 2021 News

Resident Joyce from Ashlea Lodge was surprised with some lovely gifts from the staff to keep her company.

Joyce loves spending time talking to other residents and staff members and often shares with them how much she likes having company. Staff decided she would hugely benefit from having a pram and doll so they surprised with her just that.

She was overjoyed with the present and couldn’t stop smiling, seeing her happy was heart-warming for the staff so they decided to take this one step further and gave her another doll! Joyce has named the girls Cathy and Chloe and is never seen without them.

Joanne Dodds, Deputy Manager said, “Joyce absolutely loves her babies and takes them everywhere with her. She parks up the pram at mealtimes and has the care staff babysit for her while she eats her meals. She shows so much care and devotion to the dolls, it is lovely to see her energy diverted from confusion and disorientation into that of comfort and purpose. She is quite content.”

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