Gentlemen's Club at Green Lodge

30 May 2019 News

Residents enjoying their regular gentlemen's club with drinks and snacks.Billingham Care Home, Green Lodge, frequently runs a gentlemen’s club, for the benefit of the homes male residents.

Every Week, the homes gentlemen gather in the lounge area, where they get the whole room to themselves so they can enjoy a nice pint, some nibbles and a good chat… just like going to the local pub (without the pub prices!).

“It is very beneficial for our male residents to get together every week and socialise in their own space for a couple of hours, everyone always seems to have such a great time”, commented Emma Kemp, Activities Coordinator at Green Lodge.

The gentlemen’s club has been a great success, everyone that attended can hardly wait for the next one!

“It was a brilliant idea introducing the gentlemen's club, I can’t wait for the next one”, said Ron, a resident at Green Lodge

“The staff have done a great job with this, it gets a big thumbs up from me”, Judd added, another resident at the home.


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