Dementia Artwork by Green Park Residents

29 July 2020 News

1 (2).jpgResidents at Green Park have become artists in their own right.

They drew on their own personal experiences to create a brilliant artwork piece; they began the session by talking about Dementia and the affects that it has had on them and their lives. After the chat everyone decided that they wanted to express their emotions in a visual way.

They used strings and canvases to create their work, the strings were used to represent their memories, they were dipped in paint and pulled along the canvas to represent how memories can become distorted. The final outcome of the canvas was incredible, and everyone was extremely proud of their creation, they decided to name the piece “the Brain & Dementia”.

Residents were pleased that something as upsetting and hard as Dementia was represented in such a beautiful way.

Due to the success of their panting, the group have now decided to do a collection of paintings using the same technique to sell on Ebay in order to raise funds for their Dementia Garden.