Competitive games mornings for the residents of Green Park, Warrington

08 December 2023 News

For the residents of Green Park, games mornings are fuelled by cups of tea and serious competition.

Resident playing games at Green Park Nursing Home in Warrington


At least once a week, Ada, pictured above, will spend a good chunk of quality time with Sharon, one of the home’s Activity Coordinators, trying to complete her tricky jigsaw puzzle. Ada’s determination and hard work paid off this week as she completed the jigsaw she has been attempting to finish for over two weeks! Sharon said, ‘She was over the moon! Ada made sure everyone knew that she had finished it and she spent the entire day telling anyone who would listen. She didn’t want any help, she just wanted someone to sit with and chat away whilst she tackled this puzzle.’

Ada, who lives on the Cavendish community at Green Park loves games and puzzles and this is something she would do on a regular basis before she called Green Park home. Studies show that playing our favourite childhood board games can help bring back treasured memories. Green Park offer a variety of therapies to help bring back memories for its residents and games is just one of them.

Green Park residents enjoy games mornings as frequently as they like.  The home has a wide variety of games, with various difficulty levels, available for all residents. Some of the games include childhood classics like snakes and ladders, monopoly, chess and checkers, just to name a few. Activities Coordinator Lisa said ‘Puzzles are definitely a fan favourite! We also host a night of bingo regularly, where the entire home comes together and the residents are able to win exciting prizes. We love being invited to play with our residents as they are a competitive bunch and I regularly lose to them’

Green Park Nursing Home in Warrington is a charming, relaxing and welcoming nursing home, offering a wide range of care. From short-term respite care to specialist dementia care, our amazing team can provide individualised, person-centred care for your loved ones!

Part of the Orchard Care Homes group, Green Park aim to provide the best possible support to those living with dementia, which is why we're proud to have not one, but two specialist dementia Reconnect communities at Green Park Nursing Home! These ground breaking communities offer a home-away-from-home environment, designed to engage residents in daily activities like arts and crafts, gardening and cleaning. Our Reconnect team are skilled in supporting those living with all types of dementia, including Alzheimer's Disease, and each community has a higher amount of colleagues to ensure your loved one receives an exceptional level of care 24/7!

Fancy getting involved in an intense game of chess or snakes and ladders with our lovely residents?


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