Postman Bill comes out of retirement!

05 December 2023 News

We spoke to Bill, retired postman at Thornton Hall & Lodge, about taking up his role again in our Liverpool care home.

Bill, resident at Thornton Hall and Lodge Care Home in Liverpool

Bill Platt, a resident at Thornton Hall & Lodge Care Home in Crosby, recently reprised his role of postman thanks to the initiative of the home’s Activity Co-Ordinator’s.

Originally from Bootle, Bill was a postman for 17 years from the age of 20, and the job was one of his favourites throughout his career. Bill was well-known in the area for being happy, chatty and charming, and said how he missed socialising with his neighbours when he eventually retired.

“We noticed Bill was constantly walking up and down the corridor” said Emily, Activity Co-Ordinator at Thornton Hall and Lodge Care Home. “He seemed to really enjoy knocking on residents doors and checking in with them, which we felt was reminiscent of his postman role.”

Bill, resident at Thornton Hall and Lodge Care Home in Liverpool

Living with dementia, Bill has always taken a particular interest in activities that are familiar to him. Returning to his role of postman and establishing a connection with his previous career has helped him settle well in the care home, and the team have already seen a great improvement in his mood and wellbeing.

Since becoming the ‘Thornton Postman’, Bill said that delivering the papers to his fellow residents is now his favourite time of the day. Other residents have also said how much they enjoy his visits, and seeing his friendly face is a great way to start the day!

“We think it’s really important for our residents to socialise in the home, in particular those living with dementia. Bill is a great example of how building a familiar routine not only benefits the person doing the task, but other people around them, too. We love seeing how much he enjoys delivering the papers!”

As well as the daily newspaper, Bill delivers hand-written notes to residents across the home, called ‘Happy Notes’. The Happy Notes contain motivational messages or drawings from other residents, and have helped people socialise and build friendships. The initiative is well-liked by all residents, and our team have also received messages from people living at the home – which we love!

Although Bill moved into Thornton Hall and Lodge Care Home in 2018, he frequently visited beforehand to spend time with his wife, Dot, who was also a resident at the care home. Dot and Bill lived in rooms next to each other, and have been described as the ‘life of the party’.

Thank you to Bill, his family and the team at Thornton Hall and Lodge Care Home for allowing us to share a great story. If you’d like to know more about our Liverpool care home or any of our other homes across the UK, send your enquiry today!

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