Cherry Trees Get Creative!

08 July 2019 News

DSC_0002_2 edit_0.jpgThe residents of Cherry Trees Care Home had the opportunity to take part in some colouring and painting and they had lots of fun whilst doing it.

This session allowed some of the ladies of the group to reminisce and share stories about their history with arts and crafts. One of the residents of the Rotherham based home, Mavis really enjoyed this session especially the painting and recalling stories about how she used to be a student at an Arts College in Sheffield, she told the group about how she used to love exploring all different forms of art.

Similarly, June had many stories to recite to the group. She told everyone about how she used to draw a lot in the past and often send her art work to soldiers in the war, in particular to her brothers to cheer them up!

Activities such as this are not only good for the residents to keep busy, but they are also useful in allowing them to bond with each other and be able to share stories and reminisce.


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