Baking At Lofthouse Grange & Lodge

29 October 2020 News

Resident Joyce from Lofthouse Grange & Lodge mentioned how much she misses baking so the activity team organised a 1-1 baking session for her.

Joyce loves sharing stories with the staff about her life and often mentions how much she used to enjoy baking. Hearing this, Activity Coordinator Aimee organised a special surprise for her, working with Chef Donna they got together all the ingredients Joyce could possibly need to bake a cake.

This went down a treat with Joyce and she got to work straight away, she did everything herself from cracking the eggs to mixing the batter. She taught Aimee all her tips and tricks, including how to crack an egg one handed!

Joyce was very excited to see the end result and happily plated it up for everyone to try. Everyone loved the cake including Joyce and her first question was “what are we making next?”