Ashlea Mews Residents Keep in Touch with Loved Ones

24 April 2020 News

FB_IMG_1586527596520.jpgResidents from Sunderland Care Home Ashlea Mews have been reaching out to their loved ones via Facebook and messages.

Staff at the home have been working hard to keep residents family members updated on how they are getting on and keeping busy throughout this time. They have been using Facebook to upload regular pictures of what activities residents are doing and to showcase notes and drawings that they have made for their loved ones.

To take this one step further and ensure that residents and family members can stay as close as ever, they have now been arranging video calls so that they can see each other. Residents loved being able to see their nearest and dearest and couldn’t stop smiling long after the calls had ended. “it was so special seeing my daughter,” Rita told staff.


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