Ashlea Mews Head to the Glass Centre

24 February 2020 News

Residents from Ashlea Mews Care Home hopped onto the ‘Oomph!’ bus and took a drive to the Glass Centre in Sunderland.

A group of residents and staff headed on the trip, at first residents requested to just go out on a drive and enjoy the views. They took a ride alongside the seaside coast and everyone admired what they saw outside, Monica said, “the views are so great, I am really enjoying myself.”

Their drive saw them end up at the Glass Centre much to the delight of residents, once they got there they took a walk around and looked at the pottery and glass displays that were on offer. They then took a break at the café and drank cups of coffee whilst talking about all that they had seen. John was smiling all day and told the staff, “I really enjoyed myself, this was my first trip out and it was great fun.”


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