Charlene Chivers

Senior Care Assistant 

Senior Care Assistant, Orchard Care Homes

Charlene Chivers talks about her progression from Care Assistant to Senior Care Assistant:

 After being at the home for sixteen years, I wanted a new challenge, and this seemed like the next step. I perform the same duties as a Care Assistant, but with the added responsibility of medication administration, which is something that has to be dealt with delicately. What also attracted me was the team of Senior Care Assistants already in place, they were a great support to me, and I was eager to become a part of that and to learn some new skills.

We have residents with a variety of physical needs, with some requiring more attention than others. It is important that each Care Assistant is knowledgeable about the type of care that each individual needs, so that we can personalise the care we give. Not only do we know everything about their needs, but we also know them personally, which is what makes working in care so rewarding. You have to be professional as a Senior Care Assistant, because you have a lot of responsibility, but it is important that the residents see you more as a friend. This way, they trust you, and it makes the experience better for them. 

My role is also important because I communicate directly with the relatives of each resident, particularly about medical issues, to keep them informed about the health of their family member. My favourite part of my job is that every resident in this home is always so pleased to see you, and thankful for the work that you do. They feel more like family, so I enjoy coming to work and catching up with them and hearing about what they have been doing. 

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